Content plan



This is a guide to what we'd like the wiki to cover in the future. If you're looking for something quick to do today, then take a look at the ORG Wiki:To-Do list.


Firstly we will devise a schema for this wiki, to establish what should be on it. We will then prioritise particular content to develop.

Many of the pages in this plan are out of date. They should be added to Category:Out_of_Date.

Purpose of the wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to:

  • Support ORG's campaigning goals to support digital rights
    • Provide an education, training and background resource for activists
  • Document the current state of digital rights and issues in legislation and policy
  • Document the actors influencing the future of our digital rights
  • Record press coverage of key issues including links

What we need to monitor

The main need is to monitor organisations and individuals who are influencing our rights, positively or negatively. Thus the wiki can be a source of intelligence for campaigners and activists.

Who is involved / responsible

Volunteers, staff, advisory and interns are all welcome to contribute. Specific responsibilities include

  • Events and Communities Officer: supervision of the project
  • Wiki intern: an intern post specifically to help develop the wiki
  • Wiki editors: volunteers who wish to contribute to specific pages, sections, categories or more generally
  • MP adopters: volunteers who Adopt an MP and make notes on their positions, votes and written responses
  • Campaigning staff: who will help ensure relevant content is posted to the wiki and accuracy is maintained

Tracking the issues

These pages should focus on issues ORG is currently working on or intending to work on. They should

  • explain the concerns and problems
  • explain what the terms mean
  • track the political and media events

Current Issues

Net Neutrality


Covers a range of concerns including:

Intercept Modernisation

Behavioural advertising and Online profiling

Data Protection

Internet Censorship

  • There are various online censorship plans in the woodwork

Open Government

Three strikes

  • Implementation of the DEAct

ORG Press Coverage

  • Should be maintained

Tracking Organisations

Active UK lobby groups

Not all of these are opposed to our views


UK Music

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)

Motion Picture Association (MPA)

Music Managers Forum (MMF)

Featured Artists Coalition (FAC)

Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA)

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)]

UK departments and quangos



Home Office

Ministry of Justice



British Library

UK non-governmental regulatory bodies

Internet Watch Foundation


EU lobby groups

European Union

See Category:European Parliament, Category:European Union

European Union Council of Ministers

European Parliament

European Commission

European Court of Justice (ECJ)

EU political groups






International institutions

World Trade Organisation

World Intellectual Property Organisation

United Nations Human Rights Committee

Tracking public figures

Politicians and political groupings

Ministers and Shadow Ministers

Jeremy Hunt MP

Edward Vaizey MP

Vincent Cable MP

Theresa May MP




  • Parliamentary Committees and APPGs


Tracking legislation

UK Legislation

Communications Act

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

Digital Economy Act

Data Protection Act

Human Rights Act

Copyright Designs and Patents Act

Freedom of Information Act

EU legislation

Copyright Directive

Database Directive

Data Protection Directive

E-Commerce Directive

Data Retention Directive

E-Privacy Directive


International legislation or agreements

Human rights



Intellectual property rights

Berne Convention



Educating and supporting the movement

Idiot's guide to digital technologies

What digital technologies do: why they are different

  • Why they empower you
  • Characteristics: replicability, analysis
  • Moore's Law etc

How the net works

  • Basic guide to key technologies
  • Where the conflicts lie: who is in control

Key concepts

Possibly just a page to start with covering each issue very briefly, and linking to detailed Wiki content where available. Maybe replace Digital Rights Issues?

Human rights


Free expression

Privacy and family life

Due process

Access to knowledge

Intermediary liability

Industry self-regulation

Intellectual Property



Trade Marks

Competition and innovation

Decentralisation and network effects

Open technologies

Open Data

Open Hardware

Open Standards

Free software and Open Source Software

Open Culture

Public domain

Creative Commons

Free culture

Remix culture

Open Government

Freedom of Information

Open Government Data and Government transparency

Privacy and security

Digital rights history

Starts as a simple page covering the basics

Digital rights in the USA and the EFF

Digital rights in the UK

History of ORG

Crypto Wars

ID Cards

Other privacy debacles

Datalosses in the UK

Information from key texts

Working with your elected representatives

Letter writing

MP Surgery

Other organisations interested in rights and digital rights