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ORGWiki is the official wiki of Open Rights Group, and exists to act as a database of information about Open Rights Group, bodies we work with, bodies we work against, and digital rights issues in general. This is to serve both Open Rights Group and its volunteers, and the population as a whole; we aim to maintain pages on important subjects written so that people can educate themselves about the issues, and other pages for our volunteers and employees to use as sources of data when campaigning on the issues which matter to us. Our article on the Digital Economy Act 2010, for example, is to help people understand what the legislation is, what the problems with it are, and how they can help our campaign against it. Our pages on individual MPs, on the other hand, act as a repository of information so that when our campaigners are trying to work on an issue, they know who to contact, how to contact them and what their public statements tell us about their opinions.


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Even though the wiki is maintained by Open Rights Group, it's still a wiki; anyone can edit, and anyone is welcome to contribute. So, whatever your background you are encouraged to add and improve material on the Wiki in any way you can.

The rules are:

  1. There are no rules. If something looks dodgy to someone else, that someone can fix it later.
  2. You are not offending people by correcting their spelling and grammar.
  3. You are not offending people by correcting factual errors.
  4. Don't be shy, if others disagree we'll change it or add other opinions (see rules 2 and 3 above).
  5. A link to an empty page is a signal that someone wants a page with that name, why not make them happy by starting work on that page? Don't worry about misinterpreting the name and going "off topic" moving content around is easy enough later (see rule 1).

Editing the Wiki

This guide covers this basics of Editing the Wiki.

Ways to contribute

Clearly the most prominent way to contribute to ORGWiki is to edit, but this comes in lots of different forms, and isn't the only way to help out. If editing isn't your thing, you can tell your friends and associates about ORGWiki and see if they might be interested; you can also (if your skills swing that way) Get Involved as a fundraiser, a server administrator, or in any of the other volunteer roles which help keep ORGWiki running.

If you are interested in contributing directly, there are lots of things you can do. You can hit the Random Page button and tidy whatever article you end up on. Our Adopt an MP scheme is also run from the wiki, and when in doubt, you can always pick something from our collection of out-of-date pages to update. We also maintain a database of ORG's responses to public consultations and our current research projects; you're welcome to comment on, tweak or expand current consultations or closed research projects. If you need any help with editing, just drop User:Ironholds a note on his talkpage or leave a message at the Community Portal, ORGWiki's main discussion area for contributors.

Current priorities


What the Wiki is for

We would like this wiki to:

  • Support ORG's campaigning goals to defend digital rights
    • Provide an education, training and background resource for activists
  • Document the current state of digital rights and issues in legislation and policy
  • Document the actors influencing the future of our digital rights
  • Record press coverage of key issues including links

Current tasks

We maintain a list of current tasks at this Task list. Feel free to help!

Content plan

Most importantly, we are developing a Content plan for the wiki. Please help by letting us know what is missing, and anything you can help write.