Digital Rights Issues

Current reviews, enquiries, and proposed legislation

List of digital rights issues currently requiring consideration and response.

  1. Gowers Review - Gowers Review of Intellectual Property
  2. Data Retention - European Union legislation regarding the retention of phone and ISP traffic data
  3. APIG DRM Public Inquiry - The All Party Parliamentary Internet Group's public inquiry into digital rights management


  1. Consumer confidence in digital environment

Digital Rights issues in art

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Current/Recent Issues

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Possible campaigns

  1. Most other countries around the world, including the US and the majority of EU member states allow their citizens to make private copies of copyright works without breaking the law. Australia is about to change its law to do so. Why is it illegal for us to copy CDs to our PCs and MP3 players? This does little to help artists but a great deal to create contempt for the law amongst users of copyright works. Can we apply pressure via the Gowers and APIG inquiries and a public campaign to introduce a private copying right?--Ianb 18:59, 2 January 2006 (GMT)
  2. I saw in Ireland that they used the Data Protection Act to get a proposed third party service which tracks mobile phone locations and plots/displays them on a website blocked. According to the Guardian, there are similar kinds of services already operating here. Could we do something similar? Are UK Data Protection Laws the same as Ireland's?