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Open Rights Group is a fast-growing Non-Government Organisation focused on raising awareness of issues such as internet freedoms, data protection, privacy and copyright reform. Founded in 2005 by a pledge from 1,000 members, the Open Rights Group is funded by small grants and donations from supporters. Our activities include organising campaigns, lobbying government, and helping journalists find experts and alternative voices for stories.

The last decade has included a wide number of digital rights issues in the UK, ranging from privacy concerns brought up by biometric passports and vehicle tracking systems to overly restrictive copyright law and enforcement mechanisms such as the Digital Economy Act. We have never needed an organisation like the Open Rights Group more than we do now. The implications of the digitisation of information and the ease with which such data can be now moved about are vast, and where physical restraints - such as having only paper copies of medical records - once helped secure our privacy, now it is only through unwavering vigilance that we will be able to prevent the abuse of our digital rights. (Read More)

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  • Contribute to the Wiki, building a database of knowledge to help both our campaigns and the public - see Editing the Wiki for help.
  • Volunteer with the Open Rights Group, helping us campaign on issues you care about.
  • Join; our activities are entirely funded by individuals who care about digital rights. Your donations make our work possible.
  • Sign Up to one of our mailing lists, so we can let you know what we're working on and how you can help out.
  • Edit and help write our internal research projects to improve the free coverage of open rights issues.
  • Help us reply to public consultations so the government takes into account your views
  • We need volunteers to edit the Orgzine, a digital rights magazine.
  • Help us expose websites that have been wrongly blocked by ISP's by using the tool

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