Pirate Bay overblocking

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Catalogue raw sources of URLs that look like the do not infringe copyright

Searches are a good idea

Assign yourself a group of URLs to check

So we don't get double checking, please state which URLs you are checking and cataloguing, and check here before you start on a new group of URLs.

Catalogue URLs that appear not to infringe copyright or are public interest downloads.

Use common sense. State:

  • Pirate Bay URL
  • Name of file and
  • Type of content (film, book, music, photo, web page with text only)
  • Copyright licence or status (e.g., Kopimi, CC-By-NC, GPL, Public Domain, or public interest content)
  • Any Copyright licence URL
  • Copyright originator or publisher
  • Contact details for publisher

For each URL, download and check the file

  • If downloaded and verified as being what it states it is, add to the catalogue page:
    • Verified date
    • Verified by
    • Contact details for verifier


URL sources

These are sources of URLs to check




Raw URLs for cataloguing

Pirate Bay overblocking/Unassigned

These are all the URLs that need checking and cataloguing

Pirate Bay overblocking/Assigned

Please state which URLs you are checking, who you are, and when you will complete the check

Pirate Bay overblocking/Unverified URL Catalogue

These are catalogued details of the URLs and their files, but they have not been downloaded and verified

Pirate Bay overblocking/Verified URL Catalogue

These URLs and files have been downloaded and checked