Editing the Wiki

This is a basic introduction to editing the wiki. It does not include all there is to know about the wiki but should help with the first steps of editing articles.

Creating an Account

Before you start editing the wiki, you have to create an account.

Unfortunately self-registration has been disabled due to continual automated abuse. Please send an email to mediawiki@openrightsgroup.org with your preferred username to set up your account.

Navigating the Wiki

You can search for the page you're looking for in the search bar at the top right of the page.

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The links on the Main Page are also a good place to start exploring the wiki.

Editing Articles on the Wiki

Editing Pages

To edit a page, click the 'Edit' tab at the bottom of the page, within the area of the black box.

How to edit.png

Editing Sections

You can also edit individual sections by clicking 'edit' next to each section heading.

Editing sections.png

The Editing Interface

You'll come to the edit interface where you can make change to the article and then save the page or see a preview of the changes you make.

Editing interface.png

Writing Articles using Wiki Markup

Wikis are created using a language called wiki markup. You may want to use some of it when you write on the ORG wiki.

This is just an introduction to wiki markup. Wikipedia has a full list of how to use wiki markup. If you can't find what you want here, check that list.


  • To create a Section Heading put the Heading Title with two =signs either side of it like this: ==Section Heading==
  • To create a Subsection Heading put the Heading Title with three =signs either side of it like this: ===Subsection Heading===
  • To create a smaller subsection Heading put the Heading Title with four =signs either side of it like this: ====Smaller Subsection Heading====


  • To italicise text, put 2 apostrophes on each side: ''italicised text'' creates italicised text
  • To write text in bold, put 3 apostrophes on each side: '''text in bold''' creates text in bold
  • To write italicised text in bold, put 5 apostrophes on each side: '''''bold and italicised text''''' creates bold and italicised text


  • To put a link to an external website put the web address and then the text within square brackets like this: [http://www.openrightsgroup.org/ Open Rights Group]
This shows up as this Open Rights Group


  • To use bullet points, start each line with an asterisk *
  • To create a numbered list, start each line of the list with a hash #

Formatting Bar

There is a formatting bar at the top of the editing box. Clicking on these buttons is a shortcut to creating bold and italic text as well as a few other functions. Some people may find this easier to use than typing wiki markup.

Formatting bar.png