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The popular 802.11 "Wi-fi" standard for wireless computer networking utilises unregulated electromagnetic spectrum, a set of frequencies you can transmit on without a licence from the Government. Wi-fi has provided many benefits to a wide range of users and has prompted the creation of a new industry sector of hotspot providers.

Would a wider set of frequencies enable more wireless networking and similar technologies?

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The American, has a set of questions on the topic and seeks to reframe the argument as one of economic enablement and improved democratic participation through a simple act of deregulation [1]. The document also explodes several myths that have formed the basis of current legislation

The Government is to begin reallocating spectrum on the basis of an auction, but does not seem to have considered opening spectrum for unregulated uses and allowing users to resolve technical issues between themselves. In other words, the Government appears to have assumed its role in spectrum allocation is still required [2].


2007-09-18 - The Register - Ofcom moots the 900MHz boot for O2 and Vodafone
Author: Bill Ray
Summary: Ofcom have announced a consultation [3] on the 900Mhz band including the option of technology-neutral licences. Operators like this form as it would open the doors to new technologies such as WiMAX