Digital Rights Issues in Art

List of relevant expressions of digital rights issues in artistic form.


Internet privacy

Software Patents

Net Neutrality

Trusted computing

Trusted Computing an animated short by Benjamin Stephan and Lutz Vogel

Wire Tapping

Electronic Voting

Data Retention


Internet Censorship


Identity cards

In the Firefly episode named "Safe" Simon is estranged from his father due, in part, to his father concerns about how the actions of his son might affect his "permanent profile". In addition, Book is able to keep his identity secret from from his fellow crew members by passing only his ID card to the authorities rather than explaining himself.

Safety Online

  • Daily Mail Picnic [6]

Database State

Children's Digital Rights

FNF The Big Picture

On Saturday 11 October 2008 ORG and No2ID coordinated a giant anti-surveillance community artwork in Parliament Square. Thousands of images of the database state sent in from around the UK by ordinary citizens fed up with Government’s cavalier attitude to their civil liberties were combined to show Parliament what will happen if it continues to allow itself to be frog-marched away from freedom.

Find out more, or download a CC licensed version of The Big Picture used in the event to remix and rework.