ORG Wiki:To-Do

This is a list of current tasks and fixes needed on the wiki. Please sign any new tasks you add or volunteer to do.

Update one of our out of date articles

Adopt an MP

Work on our current campaign pages

Update press coverage page

  • Make yourself a Google Alert for "Open Rights Group" and help maintain our ORG Press Coverage page
  • We can also forward you lots of historic alerts if you feel like it!

EU institutions guide from Eugenio

  • Pages on each EU institution: copy needs editing and placing onto the wiki
  • Each page will need to be placed into an appropriate category

Lobby groups pages

  • Major UK and EU lobby groups need pages to track their activities via this wiki

EDM 1913 signatories

  • Some signatories of EDM 1913 have not been listed on this Wiki. Each MP that signed should also be listed as such by adding them to the category Category:Signed EDM1913

Content plan

  • Help develop the content plan by making suggestions as to what should be on this wiki.

Update Wikipedia

  • Mature articles with good citations can be moved into Wikipedia where they can be better cross linked and maintained by all wikipedians.
  • Need a policy/process on what happens to the less up to date article remaining here though Deku-shrub (talk) 15:22, 21 April 2014 (BST)