Key Personnel

  • President: Guy Verhofstadt
  • 1st Vice-President: Alexander Graf Lambsdorff


The Alliance of Liberal Democrats for Europe (ALDE) is the third largest of the European parliamentary party groups. They represent the interests and causes espoused by liberals and democrats in Europe. They promote the decentralisation of European legislation and believe that EU citizens should play more of a role in decision-making as they should be listened to by the decision-makers. They believe that the operation of the European Parliament should be made more transparent. Their goals include “Ensuring CoR Opinions and activities respect and promote personal freedom and the self-fulfilment of each individual, as the best way to achieve a prosperous and fair society”; “Ensuring that the heritage of cultures and identities of the peoples of Europe is not lost, and is used to support the development of multiple identities”; “promoting competitiveness as a mean to achieve economic, social and territorial cohesion on a basis of solidarity and justice” and “promoting European cultural and linguistic diversity”.

Further Information