Cyber Security Strategy

The UK National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) is a document produced by the Cabinet Office outlining the government's strategy relating to computer security.

For the European "cybersecurity strategy" see Network and Information Security Directive.


Announced the establishment of the Office of Cyber Security (OCS) and the Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC).


Outlines plans for a National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) within the National Crime Agency, the Defence Cyber Operations Group, and a four-year National Cyber Security Programme for funding.

The December 2012 report on the strategy also announces the establishment of a UK CERT and a military "cyber" reserve.

The 2013 update includes the extension of the National Cyber Security Programme, and the creation of Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership.


A new National Cyber Security Strategy will be published in April 2016.[1] to go through to March 2021.


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