CERT-UK (UK national computer emergency response team) was announced in the 2012 report on the 2011 Cyber Security Strategy. After a delay, it was publicly launched on 31 March 2014[1] and closed in October 2016[2]. Its functions were transferred to the National Cyber Security Centre.


Originally under the Cabinet Office, CERT-UK functions were moved to the National Cyber Security Centre[3] under GCHQ.

Its main responsibilities were:

  • national cyber security incident management
  • support to critical national infrastructure companies to handle cyber security incidents
  • promoting cyber security situational awareness across industry, academia and the public sector
  • providing the single international point of contact for co-ordination and collaboration with other national CERTs

Chris Gibson became director of CERT-UK on 11 November 2013.[4]

According to the job posting[5] for the director, the setting up of the team was done by the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance and is based in Whitehall. It incorporates the existing Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership.

By September 2013 the team was still being "established" and not "fully operational".[6] The UK serious and organised crime strategy published in October 2013 states that it will be launched in "early 2014".[7] Francis Maude referred to the organisation as UKCERT in a question in October 2013.[8] As of early November the focus is "on securing appropriate accommodation, technology and staff, with the aim that it will become operational early next year".[9] It eventually launched on Monday 31 March 2014.[10]

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