Francis Maude MP

Francis Maude MP (Conservative) MP for Horsham

As Cabinet Office minister his responsibilities include "cyber security".[1] He is also the Paymaster General.


House of Commons debate Information Assurance 6 February 2008

Two years ago the Walport report called for the Government to improve data security, warning that leaks of personal data would damage the Government’s reputation. A year ago, Sir Edmund Burton, the Cabinet Office’s own adviser on information assurance, pointed out a systemic lack of awareness of data security throughout the Government. Just last summer, the Coleman report raised concerns—a report that it is now clear that no Minister actually bothered to read. After all those warnings, and after 25 million bank details have gone missing, benefit files were dumped on a roundabout and 3 million drivers’ records were lost in Iowa, of all places, why are we still seeing personal data disasters week after week?
How many reports does the Minister need? He has had three so far. The problem is not a lack of transparency, but a great deal too much of it in respect of personal data.
Nick Coleman said in his report last year that
"adequate mechanisms are not yet in place...which puts at risk the government's aspirations for service delivery enabled by technology."
Is not that the clearest possible indication that the Government can never be trusted with all the personal data involved in setting up a national ID card? When will Ministers at the centre of Government show some leadership, get a grip and start to protect the public’s personal data, which are constantly being put at risk?