National Cyber Security Programme

The National Cyber Security Programme (also referred to as the National Cyber Security Plan) (NCSP) is a series of measures announced by the UK government as part of the Strategic Defence and Security Review. (See also: Cyber Security Strategy)

2022 National Cyber Security Programme

The 2022 Cyber Security Strategy notes that £2.6 billion in cyber and legacy IT (over the period 2022-2025) and a £114 million increase in the National Cyber Security Programme.

2016 National Cyber Security Programme

  • An "Institute for Coding: Centre for Digital Skills and Computer Science"
  • The "Cyber Streetwise"/"Cyber Aware" ( campaign for 2015/16 has cost £4 million (ex-VAT)[2] and £3.3 million in 2017/18 [3].
  • £265m investment in Cyber Vulnerability Investigations (CVI) programme for MoD.[4]
  • A six-month "cybersecurity incubator" funded via DCMS (HutZero)
  • £10m to establish a 'Cyber Innovation Fund'[5]
  • £14m ("up to") investment in a London cyber security innovation centre.[6]
    • This is the DCMS-funded LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement)[7]
  • £50m ("up to") Protecting Government
  • International Cyber Security Capacity Building Programme [8]
  • £13.5 million cyber innovation centre [9]
  • Cyber Security Skills Immediate Impact Fund (CSIIF), Feb 2018[10]
    • "As of end of October 2018, approximately 170 individuals were either participating or had been identified to take part in the seven initiatives supported through the Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund (CSIIF) pilot."[11]
"It is a principle of funding through the National Cyber Security Programme that for national security reasons we are unable to detail individual NCSP funding by department or initiative"[12]
  • Up to £800,000 to support UK academic institutions in commercialising cyber security innovation[13]
  • £22 million "to stand up new Army cyber operations centres across the UK."[14]

2010 National Cyber Security Programme

Announced in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review[15] run by the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance to which the government initially allocated £650m over four years, and then a further £210 million[16], bringing the total to £860 million and extending the programme to 2015/16[17]. About half of this is allocated to GCHQ, 10% is allocated to Home Office projects[18].

  • £860 million (2010-2016)
  • The programme part-funds MI5's cyber operations[19].
  • Over £70 million in funding from this is being used to provide "cyber training" for police forces[20] and support crime prevention work (including the National Cyber Crime Unit).[21][22]
  • £4 million[25] has been allocated to a "cyber security awareness campaign" beginning in January 2014.[26] with companies contributing a further £2.3 million in financial and in-kind assistance.[27] "Be Cyber Streetwise" launched 2014-01-13.[28][29]
  • Funding for a free online course in cybersecurity beginning Summer 2014.
  • Funding for the government's Identity Assurance scheme.
  • A £500,000 fund announced in September 2015 "to help universities and colleges develop innovative teaching and learning to provide ... cyber security skills"[31]


National Cyber Security Programme spending 2011-2016
Period Spending Total since 2011
2011/12 £105m £105m
2012/13 £155m £260m
2013/14 £180m £440m
2014/15 £210m £650m
2015/16 £210m £860m
2016/17 £229m £1089m
2020/21 £2760m (est)

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