National Cyber Security Programme

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The National Cyber Security Programme (also referred to as the National Cyber Security Plan) (NCSP) is a series of measures announced by the UK government as part of the Strategic Defence and Security Review. (See also: Cyber Security Strategy)

2016 National Cyber Security Programme

  • An "Institute for Coding: Centre for Digital Skills and Computer Science"
  • The "Cyber Streetwise"/"Cyber Aware" ( campaign for 2015/16 has cost £4 million (ex-VAT)[2] and £3.3 million in 2017/18 [3].
  • £265m investment in Cyber Vulnerability Investigations (CVI) programme for MoD.[4]
  • A six-month "cybersecurity incubator" funded via DCMS (HutZero)
  • £10m to establish a 'Cyber Innovation Fund'[5]
  • £14m ("up to") investment in a London cyber security innovation centre.[6]
  • £50m ("up to") Protecting Government
  • International Cyber Security Capacity Building Programme [7]
  • £13.5 million cyber innovation centre [8]
  • Cyber Security Skills Immediate Impact Fund, Feb 2018[9]

2010 National Cyber Security Programme

Announced in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review[10] run by the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance to which the government initially allocated £650m over four years, and then a further £210 million[11], bringing the total to £860 million and extending the programme to 2015/16[12]. About half of this is allocated to GCHQ, 10% is allocated to Home Office projects[13].

  • £860 million (2010-2016)
  • The programme part-funds MI5's cyber operations[14].
  • Over £70 million in funding from this is being used to provide "cyber training" for police forces[15] and support crime prevention work (including the National Cyber Crime Unit).[16][17]
  • £4 million[20] has been allocated to a "cyber security awareness campaign" beginning in January 2014.[21] with companies contributing a further £2.3 million in financial and in-kind assistance.[22] "Be Cyber Streetwise" launched 2014-01-13.[23][24]
  • Funding for a free online course in cybersecurity beginning Summer 2014.
  • Funding for the government's Identity Assurance scheme.
  • A £500,000 fund announced in September 2015 "to help universities and colleges develop innovative teaching and learning to provide ... cyber security skills"[26]


National Cyber Security Programme spending 2011-2016
Period Spending Total since 2011
2011/12 £105m £105m
2012/13 £155m £260m
2013/14 £180m £440m
2014/15 £210m £650m
2015/16 £210m £860m
2016/17 £229m £1089m
2020/21 £2760m (est)
(Sources Hansard, Hansard)



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