Joint Cyber Reserve

A Joint Cyber Reserve (Joint Cyber Unit (Reserve)) for the UK military was mentioned in the 2012 update to the UK Cyber Security Strategy. It was announced by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond MP in September 2013[1] as part of a "cyber strike" capability to cost "hundreds of millions" (up to £500 million according to the Mail[2]).

A page by Joint Forces Command indicates the sort of networking, security and forensics skills being looked for[3]. In an interview with Newsnight[4] Lt Col Michael White said that if that they would be open to hiring convicted hackers if they could pass through vetting.[5] The physical fitness criteria has also become an item of comment.[6]

Recruiting began in October 2013, and it will eventually "number in the hundreds of personnel".[7] While the government cites security[8] as a reason not to comment on the number of positions, or applicants, applications "exceeded the numbers required".[9]

As of September 2014 "induction courses have taken place and these individuals will now move onto specific workplace induction and training".[10] While it was stated to be fully operational before September 2016[11], it is now expected to be in place by April 2017[12].

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