Paul Flynn MP

Paul Flynn MP (Labour) MP for Newport West. Member of the All Party Internet Group.

Email: Tel:01633 262348 Office:Ty'r Cyffredin, Llundain, Newport.


House of Commons debate Consumer Protection (Unsolicited E-Mails) 10 June 2003

I beg to move,
That leave be given to bring in a Bill to make provision for the prevention of unsolicited commercial e-mail; to amend the Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Regulations 2000; and for connected purposes.
Unsolicited commercial e-mails are a pestilential nuisance that threaten terminally to swamp and suffocate the world e-mail system, which is probably the biggest improvement in communications that the world has experienced since the invention of the telephone. Spam is now a multiplying giant parasite that threatens to destroy its host.

Signed the Early Day Motion Spam E-Mails 16 November 2003

That this House commends the House of Commons Library Standard note on Unsolicited Electronic Mail (SN/SC/1280); notes that according to computer experts the amount of spam increased from 3.2 per cent. of total communication in 2002 to an astonishing 55 per cent. in March 2003 and that 90 per cent. of spam, most of which is pornographic in content, can be identified as emanating from 150 sources, 40 of which are located in Florida; believes that the electronic mail system is likely to collapse if the volume of spam is not reduced; commends the EU for introducing legislative measures that should stifle the operations of bulk commercial e-mailers by the end of this year by ensuring that only those opting in would receive spam messages; regrets that this legislation will not cover spam originating from the US and other off shore distribution points; expresses its concern at the Bush Administration's plans to offer only an opt out option for those wishing to block unsolicited mail; calls on the US Administration to adopt legislation based on the EU model; and calls on the Government to make urgent representations on behalf of its 20 million citizens now on-line.

Intellectual Property

Pro-parody and should be encouraged as it supports innovation, freedom of expression and has a minimal impact on the copyright holders:

The parody of a parody had 910,000 hits on YouTube, which is very impressive—nearly 1 million. However, the original version by Alicia Keys had 127 million on YouTube alone, let alone the rest of the world.
We must see such things in context. We want the fun of mockery in songs. The one in question gave many of my constituents great pleasure. When there is a clash between the interest of the small-scale creative industries and creative individuals, and huge businesses, with their almost infinite resources enabling them to persuade,buy access and get the ear of Prime Ministers and others, I think most of us instinctively know where our interest lies. We should also consider those who get great pleasure from the availability of music now, and the way it can be downloaded. It is impossible to put that genie back in any bottle. That will continue, and we cannot make rules to stop it.


Communications Data Bill

In a response to an email from ORG office staff, Paul Flynn said, "I support the points that you have been making [on the CDB]."




2007-11-08 - British Computer Society - Best MP website winners
Summary: The winners of the BCS MP website awards were announced at a special event in the House of Commons on 7 November. The overall winner was Adam Price MP for Carmarthen East. The other awards went to: Paul Flynn MP - best design, Derek Wyatt MP - engagement and Alan Johnson MP for accessibility.
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2005-10-18 - BBC - ID card vote: rebel Labour MPs
Summary: Twenty-one Labour MPs voted against the government on the introduction of ID cards, slashing the government's majority to 32. Paul Flynn was one of those MPs.
2003-05-22 - BBC - Junk e-mail menace campaign
Summary: The nuisance of pornographic and dangerous junk e-mails is being targeted in a new campaign led by a Labour MP. Paul Flynn, who represents Newport West, is calling for countries around the world to unite to tackle the problem. ... On Thursday, Mr Flynn launches a bill that aims to prevent companies sending emails advertising their products to strangers. "They are a pestilence - a terrible nuisance that glues up our e-mail boxes," he said. ... " We have to follow up the Euro directive which comes into force this summer by making it illegal, under British law, to send unsolicited commercial e-mail"