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Telefónica UK is the operator of

  • O2 mobile network (formerly BT Cellnet)
  • GiffGaff mobile
  • Sky mobile (from 2016[1]

In March 2013, Telefonica's broadband networks were purchased by Sky.[2])

  • O2 fixed broadband
  • Be Broadband (aka Be There)

Telefónica UK were among the ISPs to agree to the Broadband Stakeholder Group's voluntary Open Internet Code of Practice regarding net neutrality (all their subsidiaries are listed separately, including mobile only giffgaff - implying that they intend to apply this to their mobile as well as fixed line services).[3]

Content filtering

  • O2 Parental Control is a filter that blocks all sites except a few specifically whitelisted addresses of sites deemed suitable for under-12s. New sites can be requested via O2's website.
  • O2 18+ is the opt-out blocking of content deemed unsuitable for under-18s.

Data Protection

Dynamic Insights

Telefónica Dynamic Insights was set up in 2012[4] to sell aggregated data about O2 customers.

Products include Smart Steps which sells aggregated data of location visits that can be broken down by time, gender, and age.

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