Broadband Stakeholder Group

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The Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) is a group that advises the UK government on issues related to broadband internet.

Voluntary agreements

Traffic Management Transparency Code of Practice

Published 15 March 2011[1] commits ISPs to providing information to customers about what traffic management they perform on their networks (e.g. do they throttle P2P content at peak times).

Key Facts Indicators

Open Internet Code of Practice

Published 25 July 2012,[2] the code commits its signatories to offering "full and open internet access", or at lease commits them to not using terms such as "full internet access" to describe network access that is discriminatory in terms of traffic management.

It also establishes a voluntary process for making complaints about possible negative discrimination.

The code was modified in May 2013 to allow ISPs to implement content filtering. It was updated again in June 2016[3].

Ten internet providers signed up in 2012[4] [5] [6] and by 2015 all major[7] UK ISPs had signed up to the code.


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