O2 Parental Control

O2 Parental Control is an opt-in internet filter for O2 phones that restricts web access to a whitelist of sites suitable for under-12s. It should not be confused with the opt-out O2 18+ filter.

  • Can be switched on and off via text-message - see parentalcontrol.o2.co.uk
  • No information is given as to where the whitelist is derived from, or who is responsible for amending it. Currently allows access to mcdonalds.com and microsoft.com, but blocks access to, e.g., childline.org.uk. In December 2013 O2 disclosed its 11 categories of content for Parental Controls with PinkNews[1] and later on their own blog[2]. This list is identical to examples provided by Clearswift[3] and ContentWatch[4] of content suitable for under 12s.
  • O2's twitter account suggests[5] that sites are being submitted to the BBFC for classification.[6] (It's likely someone may have confused with the BBFC's mobile content framework with their classification role as applied to film and video-game content?)


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