BT Group

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BT Group (British Telecom)

  • Openreach (manages BT local network)
  • BT Retail (home broadband)
  • BT mobile (virtual network operated by Vodafone)
  • Subsidiaries including:
  • BT Wholesale - operates networks on behalf of other companies
  • As of 2016 the EE mobile and broadband network.

Network filtering


BT operates the Cleanfeed filter on its network which blocks illegal child sexual abuse content and content blocked by order of the courts[2][3].


A 2023 court order refers to BT networks using an IP blocking technology known as RedCard.

BT Parental Controls

BT introduced a network-level filter for adult content, BT Parental Controls, in December 2013[4]. In 2013 it was reported[5] to be using Nominum as its source for site categorisation. BT spent a "seven figure sum"[6] obtaining the system.

Court-ordered blocks

BT uses a combination of Cleanfeed and DNS request-blocking for court ordered blocks.

(See Content filtering by UK ISPs)

Data Protection

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