EE (Everything Everywhere Limited) operates the following UK service providers:

  • Orange broadband aka Orange Home
  • Orange mobile
  • T-Mobile mobile
  • Virgin Mobile (as a virtual network for Virgin Media)
  • 4GEE (4G services)

EE was acquired by BT in 2016.

Network filtering

Orange Home used traffic management systems manufactured by Arbor Networks, but since 2010 are playing BT a "six figure monthly fee" to operate a blocking system from Procera Networks[1].

On mobile networks EE Content Block is the network filter used for adult content.

Data Protection

Sale of personal information

In May 2013 an article[2] was published in the Sunday Times claiming that research company Ipsos MORI had obtained the personal subscriber and communications data of EE customers and was attempting to sell it to other organisations, including the Metropolitan Police.

Both EE[3] and Ipsos MORI[4] released statements that said that the data was anonymised and could not be used to identify individuals.

(ORG has called[5] for companies disclosing data in this way to 1) inform the data subjects 2) disclose the anonymisation techniques used for peer review 3) Offer "responsible disclosure” mechanisms for reporting problems.)

See also Weve.

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