Golden Eye International

Golden Eye (International) Limited (GEIL) is a UK company set up in 2008 to distribute the films of Ben Dover Productions, a pornographic video producer.

The company has been involved in practices similar to those known as speculative invoicing where alleged copyright infringers are sent letters demanding payment with the threat of potential court action. GEIL used the solicitors Tilly Bailey Irvine to send out letters requesting £700 in compensation[1], but the firm ceased sending them in April 2010 due to adverse publicity.


Golden Eye v Maricar

  • Case No: CC11 P02735
  • Also "Golden Eye (International) Limited v Mrs D Vithlani" Case No: CC11 P02870

Golden Eye (International) Limited and others v Telefonica UK Limited

In March 2012 GEIL attempted to obtain a Norwich Pharmacal Order for the details relating to over 9000 O2 IP addresses. Unlike previous similar practices, such as those by ACS:Law, GEIL are not solicitors. Consumer Focus represented the interests of the unnamed subscribers in the case.

In July 2012 the High Court ruled that the details related to only 2845 of these IP addresses could be disclosed. This is because the others related to alleged infringement of copyrights that GEIL did not own, but merely 'enforcement only' licenses.

Telefonica UK handed over the details of "just under 1,000" customers to GEIL on Friday 30th November.[2]

ORG intervention

In November 2012 Open Rights Group was given permission to intervene in Golden Eye's appeal against the court's decision to withhold details relating to 6000 IP addresses. The appeal was heard on 10 December, and the judgment - in favour of GEIL[3] - was published 21 December.

Telefonica have subsequently sold the O2 Broadband business to Sky.