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Parliament has been in recess from 10th April and will return on the 28th April, making this parliamentary update short and sweet.

This is ORG's Parliamentary Update for the week beginning 21/04/2014

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Official Meetings

Javier Ruiz met with the Cabinet Office to discuss data sharing.

Jim Killock met with John Woodward, who is conducting a review into the Creative Industries for Labour. On Friday, the Don't Spy on Us campaign are met with the chief editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger.

Consultations and departments

A full list of open consultations and Parliamentary events can be found on our Events

HM Revenue & Customs propose legislation to sell off tax payer information

The HM Revenue & Customs are currently writing legislation that could allow for taxpayer information to be sold to private firms for commercial research. The department is responsible for collecting taxes, paying some forms of government support and the administration of other regulatory regimes (such as minimum wage). Conservative MP David Davis, called the plans "borderline insane" (The Guardian).

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International Developments

NETmundial, global stakeholder meeting on future of internet governance

A two-day event, NETmundial, took place in Brazil this week, to discuss a framework for the future of internet governance. The purpose was for members of civil society, the tech sector, academia and the private sector, to discuss and agree on a set of principles for internet governance and a future roadmap. In total, 850 government officials, academics, campaigners and technical experts attended the meeting.

A multi-stakeholder document was published summarising the conferences main outcomes.

Below are listed a few of what the conference found as key principles of internet governance

  • Human rights and shared values (with a focus on freedom of expression, freedom of association, privacy, accessibility, freedom of information and access to information, development)
  • Protection of intermediaries (calling for intermediary liability limitations)
  • Culture and linguistic diversity
  • Unified and Unfragmented space

The roadmap agreed there was a need to create national multistakeholder mechanisms to serve as link between local discussions and regional and global instances, a meaningful participation and engagement by all parties and calls to strengthen internet governance forum.

You can access the "NETmundial Multistakeholder Statement" online (PDF).

Commercial Stakeholders

Google's new terms of service clarify they scan users emails

Google has clarified in their new terms of service that they analyse content "to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customised search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection.". The content analysed include emails that are sent and received.

ORG's Executive Director, Jim Killock, told the Guardian “This is not the worst thing Google does (…) But like anything like this, if people are concerned about it they should be able to completely switch it off if they want to.” (The Guardian).

Poll reveals UK public mostly in favour of Guardian 'Snowden publications'

A new poll by market reseach firm, YouGov, has found that 37% of 2,166 British people asked, thought it was right to publish the 'Snowden revelations', while 22% thought it wrong. 46% considered the publications a 'good' move for society, while 22% regarded it as 'bad'. (The Gurdian).

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