Here you can find upcoming developments in the UK Parliament that may impact on copyright, privacy, open data, and other digital rights issues.

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September 2014

Week commencing 1 September

2014-09-01 House of Commons return from summer recess

Monday 1st September

Week commencing 29 September

2014-10-01 Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy consultation

Consultation deadline
Wednesday 1st October, 12:00, online
Consultation announced by the DCMS in August 2014 gathering evidence for a new digital communications infrastructure strategy
Consultation page

October 2014

Week commencing 13 October

2014-10-13 House of Lords return from summer recess

Monday 13th October

November 2014

Week commencing 10 November

2014-11-13 House of Commons and Lords Autumn recess

Tuesday 11th November
Return 17 November

Week commencing 17 November

2014-11-17 House of Commons and Lords return

Monday 17th November

December 2014

Week commencing 15 December

2014-12-17 House of Lords Christmas recess

Wednesday 17 December
Return 6th January 2015

2014-12-18 House of Commons Christmas recess

Thursday 18 December
Return 5th January 2015

January 2015

Week commencing 5 January

2015-01-05 House of Commons return

Monday 5th December

2015-01-06 House of Lords return

Tuesday 6th December

Past events

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