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Media coverage of the bill as announced 9 May 2012.



2014-10-06 National Crime Agency director general: UK snooping powers are too weak
Author: Vikram Dodd, Guardian
2014-10-05 Julian Huppert warns Labour likely to bring in snooper’s charter
Author: Rowena Mason, Guardian
2014-10-02 Clegg accuses May of ‘false and outrageous’ slurs over snooper’s charter
Author: Rowena Mason, Guardian
2014-09-30 Theresa May: British values will prevail over extremists
Author: BBC News
Summary: announcement that Conservatives aim to reintroduce the bill in a future parliament.
2014-01-30 David Cameron wants fresh push on communications data
Author': Alex Hunt, BBC News



2013-09-15 Gloucestershire PCC revives 'snoopers charter' bill debate
Author: BBC News
Summary: "Independent Martin Surl has written to Home Secretary Theresa May on behalf of 21 PCCs declaring their support for the Communications Data Bill." (further details Police Professional)
2013-07-11 Government told to revive "snooper’s charter"
Author: Shona Ghosh, PC Pro
Summary: covers Intelligence and Security Committee report
2013-06-27 Snooper's charter has practically zero chance of becoming law, say senior MPs
Author: Alan Travis, Guardian
2013-06-25 Snooper’s Charter could resurface after 2014 Budget
Author: Isabel Hardman, The Spectator
2013-06-25 The Stephen Lawrence 'smear' proves that we cannot trust the state to snoop
Author: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Telegraph
2013-06-20 The Snooper’s charter threatens Britain’s burgeoning technology boom
Author: Nick de Bois MP, The Spectator
2013-06-14 Nick Clegg rejects grandees' criticism over data plan
Author: BBC News
2013-06-14 Bring back snoopers’ charter, say grandees (£)
Author: Roland Watson, Times
2013-06-14 Former home secretaries urge Clegg to drop snooper's charter opposition
Author: Sam Jones, Guardian
2013-06-13 Senior politicians unite to issue call for data bill
Author: Allegra Stratton, BBC
2013-06-11 Leaked: Law chief’s warning to Clegg
Author: Tom Newton Dunn, Sun
2013-06-10 Home Office presses ahead with 'snooper's charter'
Author: Alan Travis, Guardian
2013-06-09 EU law used to revive snoopers’ charter (£)
Author: Isabel Oakeshott, David Leppard and Jon Ungoed-Thomas, Sunday Times
2013-06-03 Even a limited snooping bill is causing the Home Office trouble
Author: Isabel Hardman, Spectator
2013-06-03 Lord West accuses Nick Clegg of 'political point scoring' over Comms bill
Author: BBC News
Summary: Note: Lord West refers to a version of the bill that has incorporated all recommendations of the Joint Committee. This is not a bill that has been revealed to the public.
2013-05-31 The Communications Data Bill Won't Prevent Future Terrorism
Author: Hussein Kesvani, Huffington Post
2013-05-31 MI5 failures over Woolwich probably 'misjudgement' not lack of snoopers charter, says Sir Chris Fox
Author: Rowena Mason, Telegraph
2013-05-31 Internet companies warn May over 'snooper's charter'
Author: Alan Travis, Guardian
2013-05-31 Internet companies warn Theresa May over 'snooper's charter'
Author: Rowena Mason, Telegraph
2013-05-30 We can’t fight crime and terrorism while wearing a blindfold
Author: John Yates, Telegraph (opinion)
2013-05-29 Snooper's charter 'should be replaced by strengthening of existing powers'
Author: Alan Travis, Guardian
2013-05-29 Forget coalition: forcing a Snooper’s Charter would be poor politics overall
Author: Isabel Hardman, Spectator
2013-05-29 Lib Dems give mansion tax threat over terror Bill (£)
Author: Michael Savage and Fiona Hamilton, Times
2013-05-29 Exclusive: 'Snooper’s charter’ would not have prevented Woolwich attack, says MI5
Author: Oliver Wright, Independent
2013-05-29 Who are terrorists talking to? We must know
Author: Nick Herbert MP, Times (£) (opinion)
2013-05-26 Theresa May lines up new measures to combat terrorism
Author: Patrick Wintour, Guardian
2013-05-26 Mass surveillance wouldn't have saved the life of Drummer Rigby
Author: Henry Porter, Observer (opinion)
2013-05-26 Snooper’s Charter battle returns, and it’s going to be even messier than before
Author: Isabel Hardman, Spectator
2013-05-26 Failure to pass the snooper's charter would be a "resignation issue"
Author: Alex Hern, New Statesman
2013-05-26 Tory-Labour pact could save data bill, says Lord Howard
Author: BBC News
2013-05-24 Snooper's charter 'would not have stopped Woolwich attack
Author: Alan Travis, Guardian
2013-05-24 Woolwich beheading sparks call to REVIVE UK Snoopers' Charter
Author: Jasper Hamill, Register
2013-05-24 Woolwich: Boris Johnson finds Data Bill 'compelling'
Author: BBC News
2013-05-23 Woolwich: Powers to monitor internet use back on agenda
Author: Nigel Morris, Independent
2013-05-23 Lib Dem opposition to communications data bill 'putting country at risk'
Author: Patrick Wintour, Guardian
2013-05-23 Woolwich attack: why David Cameron is right to reject knee-jerk responses
Author: Alan Travis, Guardian
2013-05-09 Snoopers' charter rests in shallow grave - likely to rise again
Author: Kelly Fiveash, Register
2013-05-08 Snoopers’ Charter limps back into the Queen’s Speech
Author: Dave Neal, Inquirer
2013-05-08 Queen's speech revives 'snooper's charter' legislation
Author: Alan Travis, Guardian
2013-05-08 Queen's Speech: 'Problem of matching IP addresses' to be probed
Author: Kelly Fiveash, Register
2013-05-08 Queen’s Speech: Battle Brewing Over Access To Crooks’ IP Addresses
Author: Tom Brewster, Techweek Europe
2013-05-08 'Fresh proposals' planned over cyber-monitoring
Author: BBC News
2013-05-07 Nick Clegg 'irresponsible' in blocking data monitoring plan
Author: BBC News
2013-05-07 Why was Labour so quiet on the “Snoopers’ Charter”?
Author: Ed Paton-Williams (Open Rights Group), LabourList (opinion)
2013-05-04 Who’s afraid of a snooper’s charter? Ask Google
Author: Matthew Parris, Spectator
2013-05-02 Queen's speech to contain legislation on pensions, social care and benefits
Author: Patrick Wintour, Guardian
Summary: "The speech will not contain the full communications data bill ... but may include small-scale legislation on linking mobile phone numbers to internet service provider sites." (We believe this refers to full "NAT PAT" logging by mobile internet providers, which may not require primary legislation.)
2013-05-01 Zombie Problem: Stop Dancing On The Grave
Author: Simon Phipps, Computerworld UK
2013-04-30 UK surveillance law: a warning, and a call for a different future
Author: Various, Open Democracy
Summary: content from ORG Digital Surveilllance report
2013-04-30 Open Rights Group calls for 'targeted and accountable' Snoopers' Charter alternative
Author: Ian Steadman, Wired UK
2013-04-30 The "snooper's charter" showed just what the Government is capable of
Author: Dr Richard Clayton, New Statesman (opinion)
Summary: extract from ORG Digital Surveilllance report
2013-04-28 It’s not a snoopers’ charter, it’s a life-saver
Author: Alex Carlile, Telegraph (opinion)
2013-04-27 Lib Dem peer challenges Clegg on 'snooper's charter' ban
Author: David Barrett, Telegraph
2013-04-26 Nick Clegg veto may not spell end for Snooper's Charter
Author: Caroline Donnelly, IT Pro
2013-04-26 The Communications Data Bill Will Be Back
Author: Jamie Bartlett (Demos), Huffington Post UK
2013-04-25 UK 'Snooper's Charter' Torn Up; Now What?
Author: Glyn Moody, Techdirt
2013-04-25 Nick Clegg: The 'snoopers' charter' cannot go ahead
Author: Nick Clegg, Telegraph (guest)
2013-04-25 Clegg has shown civil liberties are safe with the Lib Dems in government
Author: Richard Morris, New Statesman
2015-04-25 Nick Clegg takes on Tories over snoopers' charter and scorns efforts to deport Abu Qatada
Author: Nicholas Cecil, Evening Standard
2013-04-25 Snooper's charter plan to spy on all emails, web visits and texts is 'not going to happen', Nick Clegg vows
Author: Matt Chorley, Mail
2013-04-25 The snooper's charter has reminded Nick Clegg, finally, he is a liberal
Author: Nick Thornsby, The Guardian (opinion)
2013-04-25 The only thing that remains of the Snooper’s Charter is unlikely to need legislation
Author: Isabel Hardman, The Spectator
2013-04-25 Nick Clegg ‘Kills Off Snooper’s Charter’
Author: Tom Brewster, Techweek Europe
2013-04-25 Blow to Theresa May as Clegg vetoes her ‘snooper’s charter (£)
Author: Laura Pitel, The Times
2013-04-25 Snooper's charter: Nick Clegg dashes Tory hopes of swift agreement on bill
Author: Haroon Siddique, The Guardian
2013-04-25 Snoopers' Charter Won't Happen - Clegg
Author: Sky News
2013-04-25 Nick Clegg: No 'web snooping' bill while Lib Dems in government
Author: BBC News
2013-04-25 Nick Clegg: Snooper's Charter 'isn't going to happen'
Author: Kelly Fiveash, The Register
2013-04-25 Comment: The dangerous incompetence of the communications data bill
Author: Emma Carr (Big Brother Watch), (opinion)
2013-04-25 Snooper’s Charter Civil Servants Step Aside
Author: Guido Fawkes' blog
2013-04-23 Cybersecurity academics: UK 'web snooping' bill is naive and dangerous
Author: Liat Clark, Wired UK
2013-04-23 Snoopers' Charter: a threat to journalists that must be stopped
Author: NUJ
2013-04-23 Home Office fears Clegg will veto 'snooper's charter'
Author: Alan Travis and Patrick Wintour, The Guardian
2013-04-23 Give up now. You’ll never tame the internet (£)
Author: Hugo Rifkind, The Times (opinion)
Summary: "With the (CDB), Theresa May's flagship policy for dealing with the internet, a U-turn would probably be a very good idea"
2013-04-23 We’re under atax
Author: Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun
Summary: covers communications data requests made by HMRC
2013-04-23 Privacy crusaders: ISPs in 'conspiracy of silence' over Snoop Charter
Author: Kelly Fiveash, The Register
Summary: covers the open letter sent by ORG and others
2013-04-23 Freedom groups press ISPs on snoopers’ charter
Author: Dave Neal, The Inquirer
Summary: covers the open letter sent by ORG and others
2013-04-22 Privacy groups attack ISPs over support for 'Snoopers' Charter'
Author: Matthew Finnegan, Computerworld UK
Summary: covers the open letter sent by ORG and others
2013-04-22 Data Communications Bill: the Home Office is trying to trap Britain in the past
Author: Sara Kelly (Coadec), The Telegraph
2013-04-22 ICO probes Home Office refusal to reveal Snooper's Charter details
Author: Kelly Fiveash, The Register
2013-04-22 ISPs ‘In Conspiracy Of Silence With Government On Snooper’s Charter’
Author: Tom Brewster, Techweek Europe
2013-04-22 Cameron is told to drop snooping on web users (£)
Author: Michael Savage, The Times
2013-04-20 Home Office faces legal action unless it reveals details of Snooper's charter
Author: Robert Watts, Telegraph
2013-04-20 Police forces spying on our phone calls and emails 250,000 times a year
Author: Christopher Hope, Telegraph
2013-04-19 Lib Dem activists are prepared for war over the snoopers' charter
Author: Richard Morris, New Statesman
2013-04-19 What right does the state have to snoop on the lives of others?
Author: Graeme Archer, Telegraph
2013-04-19 The scattergun Snooping Bill won’t help tackle crime, or protect people
Author: Nick de Bois, The Spectator
2013-04-19 Govt keeps Snooping Bill campaigners in the dark
Author: Isabel Hardman, The Spectator
2013-04-19 Snoopers' laws could be used to 'oppress us', says David Cameron technology adviser
Author: Rowena Mason, Telegraph
2013-04-18 Met police deny snooping as surveillance of phones rises
Author: Standard
2013-04-15 The Communications Data Bill will strangle new businesses
Author: Sara Kelly (Coadec), The Telegraph
2013-04-13 Town halls join rush to use the snoopers’ charter
Author: Robert Watts, Telegraph
2013-04-12 Snooper’s charter faces rocky road
Author: Isabel Hardman, The Spectator
2013-03-14 UK government still wants Snooper's Charter 'at earliest possible opportunity'
Author: Ian Steadman, Wired UK
2013-02-15 Second draft of £1.8bn Communications Data Bill is delayed until end of March
Author: Sooraj Shah, Computing
2013-02-07 CDB: Not Dead Yet
Author: Simon Phipps, Computerworld UK
2013-02-06 UK government plans to track ALL web use: MI5 to install 'black box' spy devices to monitor British internet traffic
Author: Damien Gayle, Daily Mail
2013-02-06 Communication providers recognise that they do not provide enough data to intelligence agencies, says Committee
Author: Out-Law
2013-02-06 Comms Bill could see deep-packet inspection 'probes' installed on UK web
Author: Ian Steadman, Wired UK
2013-02-06 Snooping bill needs more work, say MPs
Author: Warwick Ashford, ComputerWeekly UK
2013-02-06 Communications Data Bill Needs More Work, Says Report and MPs
Author: Infosecurity Magazine
2013-02-06 UK web snoop charter: Just how much extra info do spooks need?
Author: Kelly Fiveash, Register
2013-02-05 MI5 chief: internet means terrorists could be slipping through the net
Author: Tom Whitehead, Telegraph
2013-02-05 Snooper's charter rests on 'pretty heroic assumptions', MI5 boss told MPs
Author: Alan Travis, Guardian
2013-02-05 Councils urge Home Office rethink over bar on access to communications data
Author: LocalGovernmentLawyer
2013-02-01 The snoopers' charter costs £400million before a single piece of data has been collected
Author: Jack Doyle, Daily Mail
2013-01-30 Where Now for the Draft Communications Data Bill?
Author: Jamie Bartlett, Huffington Post UK
2013-01-29 Berners-Lee says snoop law could see spies blackmail soldiers
Author: Simon Sharwood, The Register



2012-12-28 £1.8bn 'snooper's charter' fails to get Treasury backing
Author Alan Travis, Guardian
2012-12-27 Grow up and back police access to online data, Lib Dem peer tells party leadership
Author Michael Savage, The Times
2012-12-11 The data bill debate must move beyond terrorists and Orwell
Author Jamie Bartlett, Head of Violence and Extremism Programme and the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos
Summary "The Communications Data Bill is too broad, greater oversight is needed and the Bill should be redrafted. He thinks though that opponents of the current Bill are alarmist and wrong to say it would bring in mass internet surveillance similar to Iran or China."
2012-12-11 The Government's snooping plans will turn us into a nation of suspects
Author Mic Wright, Telegraph Chief Tech Blogger
Summary "RIPA was set up to combat terrorism and paedophiles but ended up being overused. It's important that investigators can access email and communications of suspected criminals but that's not what the Communications Data Bill intends to do."
2012-12-11 Snoopers' bill needs 'work done' to ease privacy concerns, minister says
Author Rowena Mason, Political Correspondent
Summary "Security Minister says there's work to be done on the Bill and it'll be redrafted."
2012-12-11 Spies need snooping powers to protect public from terrorists, committee warns
Author Tom Whitehead, Telegraph
Summary "The Intelligence and Security Committee says they need powers to monitor every email, phone call and web visit."
2012-12-11 Intrusive, expensive, ineffective and not needed: this Government Bill cannot proceed
Author Julian Huppert
Summary "The Home Office should have consulted with internet companies. The Communications Data Bill is too expensive. The Home Office has failed and must start from scratch and talk to experts and civil liberties groups."
2012-12-11 Not fit for purpose: why this Bill is unworkable, ill-considered, and an affront to our privacy
Author Nick Brown
Summary "The Communications Data Bill threatens privacy, is wasteful and will only catch incompetent criminals."
2012-12-11 Snooper's Charter: The internet can’t keep our secrets. And neither can the Government
Author Christina Patterson
2012-12-11 Data overload: UK should ditch communications bill and start again
Author Editorial, Financial Times
Summary "Work has begun to adapt the bill to take into account the recommendations of the two committees. This is not sufficient. The proposals should be ditched and a new attempt made at finding a suitable balance to meet the needs of the internet age. Powers to harvest data should be strictly limited to a handful of agencies and only to those areas vital to security. Independent oversight of any request is vital."
2012-12-11 Data legislation u-turn: MPs to rewrite 'snooper's charter'
Author Andrew Woodcock, Independent
2012-12-11 This damning verdict on the snooper's charter is the start of a longer battle
Author John Kampfer, Guardian (comment)
2012-12-11 Data bill: what's the right balance between security and liberty online?
Author David Shariatmadari, Guardian (comment)
2012-12-11 'Snooper's charter': leading Tories back Nick Clegg's call for complete rewrite
Author Alan Travis, Guardian
2012-12-11 Snooping powers 'completely wrong' says David Davis
Author BBC News
2012-12-11 Communications Data Bill: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales
Author BBC News
2012-12-11 Draft Communications Data Bill to be redrafted - No 10
Author BBC News
2012-12-11 Draft Communications Data Bill cannot proceed, says Clegg
Author BBC News
2012-12-11 Clegg and May in cyber war
Author Graeme Wilson, The Sun
Summary "Thersa May and Nick Clegg went to war last night over plans for an internet crackdown on paedophiles and terrorists."
2012-12-11 Snoopers' Charter: Nick Clegg Urges Re-Think
Author Katie Stallard, Sky News
2012-12-11 Clegg demands major rethink over 'snoopers' charter' that could monitor phone records and internet use
Author James Slack, Daily Mail
2012-12-11 Nick Clegg's veto threat puts Theresa May's plan for a 'snooper's charter' in crisis
Author Nigel Morris, Independent
2012-12-11 Snooper's bill is unworkable, Nick Clegg tells Theresa May
Author Alan Travis, Guardian
2012-12-11 'Snooper's charter' faces rough ride through parliament
Author Alan Travis, Guardian
2012-12-11 Snooping law ‘grounded on fanciful fears’ by ministers
Author John Higginson, Metro
2012-12-10 Clegg Says U.K. Coalition Must Rethink Data Bill
Author Kitty Donaldson, Bloomberg
2012-12-10 Parliament to unleash barrage of criticism on Snoopers' Charter
Author Duncan Campbell, The Register
2012-12-09 Tory MP in battle with ministers over ‘snooping bill’ safeguards
Author Isabel Hardman, Spectator
2012-12-09 £500 per household for police to monitor internet
Author James Kirkup, The Telegraph
2012-12-09 MPs turn on Home Office over snoopers' charter
Author Patrick Hennessy, The Telegraph
2012-12-08 Fears over ability to ignore content in snooping powers
Author Tom Whitehead, Telegraph
2012-12-05 Theresa May mustn't browbeat Parliament into accepting the Data Communications Bill
Author Jill Kirby, Conservative Home
2012-12-03 Track crime on net or we’ll see more people die
Author Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun
Summary Interview with Theresa May MP
2012-11-29 Nick Clegg distances Lib Dems from 'snoopers charter'
Author: Alan Travis, The Guardian
2012-11-29 Lib Dems 'may ditch' Communications Data Bill
Author: James Landale, BBC
2012-11-11 Parliament to kill snoopers’ charter
Author: David Leppard, Sunday Times
2012-10-31 Theresa May Rebuffs ‘Snooper’s Charter’ Criticisms Before Committee
Author: Tom Brewster, TechWeek europe
2012-10-31 MPs call communications data bill 'honeypot for hackers and criminals'
Author: Alan Travis, The Guardian
2012-10-30 Communications Bill: Data access 'vital' anti-gang tool
Author: BBC News
2012-10-25 UK parliamentarians scrutinize digital surveillance plan
Author: Borja Bergareche, Committee to Protect Jouranlists
2012-10-24 Why Clegg should kill the Communications Data Bill
Author: Rafael Behr, New Statesman
2012-10-23 Draft Communications Data Bill could lead to 'police state'
Author: BBC News
Summary: reporting evidence given to the committee by journalists.
2012-10-10 Why will UK web supersnoop plan cost £1.8bn? That's a secret
Author Kelly Fiveash, The Register
Summary Covers FOI of costs estimate
2012-09-16 Act now to stop this pernicious spying by the state
Author John Naughton, The Observer
Summary Open letter to the Liberal Democrat conference.
2012-09-14 Twitter raises privacy concerns with UK communication surveillance proposals
2012-09-09 This spying bill is against privacy and democracy. And it won't work
Author Henry Porter, The Observer
2012-09-06 Sir Tim Berners-Lee accuses government of 'draconian' internet snooping
Author Lucy Kinder, Telegraph
2012-09-06 Internet 'snooper's charter' could jeopardise national security, ISPs warn
Author Martin Beckford, Telegraph
2012-09-05 Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales attacks government's 'snooper's charter'
Author Alan Travis, The Guardian
2012-07-21 Data privacy: Out of shape
Author The Economist
Summary "Only if people know more clearly what information is being collected about whom, and to what uses it is being put, can they judge whether the benefits of greater safety the surveillance state has brought them are worth the huge loss of privacy they have suffered as a result."
2012-07-20 Draft Communications Data Bill ‘more far-reaching than first thought’
Author Graeme Burton, Computing News
2012-07-19 Communications Data Bill creates 'a virtual giant database'
Author BBC News
2012-07-18 Finally Ed Miliband could recalibrate Labour as a party of liberty
Author John Kampfner, Guardian (comment)
2012-07-13 UK's web super-snoop powers could be extended to councils
Author Kelly Fiveash, The Register
2012-07-12 Web snooping bill an 'odious shopping list of new gov powers'
Author Kelly Fiveash, The Register
2012-07-11 Top spook: ISP black boxes NOT key to UK's web-snoop plan
Author Kelly Fiveash, The Register
2012-07-07 Internet regulation: Wires crossed
Author The Economist
2012-07-06 'Web snooping' inquiry: Public input sought
Author BBC News
2012-07-04 Foreign powers will be allowed to access email and phone records
Author Martin Beckford, Telegraph
2012-06-25 MI5 chief enters row over 'snoopers' charter'
Author Nick Hopkins, The Guardian
2012-06-17 This snooping bill is worthy of a surveillance state
Author: Henry Porter, The Observer
2012-06-14 Who are you calling a 'conspiracy theorist', Home Secretary?
Author Adrian Hilton, Daily Mail
2012-06-14 'Online snooping' scheme expected to cost at least £1.8bn
Author Alan Travis, The Guardian
2012-06-14 'Snooper's charter' proposal sparks Tory row
Author Alan Travis, The Guardian
2012-06-14 'Snoopers' Charter' is a 'matter of life and death', says Met Police chief, as Home Secretary unveils plans to monitor all website use
Author James Slack and Tom Gardner, Daily Mail
2012-06-14 Police demand access to calls, texts and e-mails
Author Sean O'Neill and Richard Ford, The Times
2012-06-13 Online privacy: Home Office to write blank cheque for 'snoopers' charter'
Author Alan Travis
2012-05-11 After the Queen's speech: who will speak for liberty now?
Author Editorial, The Guardian
Summary in part criticising Labour for ailing to proved a civl liberties voice.
2012-05-09 Queen's Speech Outlines Snooper's Charter Draft Communications
Author Lawrence Latif, The Inquirer
SummaryCritical summary of the Bill so far
2012-05-09 'Snooper's charter' web spying Bill announced
Author Christopher Williams, Telegraph
Summary A clear outline of how the bill will work and what communications avenues will be effected ad to what extent
2012-05-09 Queen unveils draft internet super-snoop bill
Author Kelly Fiveash, The Register
Summary Emphasis on the Queen's endorsement of the bill
2012-05-09 Queen's speech 2012: main bills at a glance


2012-09-18 Communications Data Bill: Police think it’s not worth the money
2012-08-08 Communications Data Bill: Technology is making dystopia not just possible, but cheap
Author Mike Harris, Index on Censorship
2012-05-08 The government’s proposal for data communications surveillance will be invasive and costly with minimal effectiveness
Author Joss Wright
Summary Very informative and insightful blog that analyses the fundamental flaws in CCDP