Julian Huppert MP

Julian Huppert (Liberal Democrat) is the Member of Parliament for Cambridge.


2012-11-19: 'To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department which civil liberties organisations she has met to discuss her draft Communications Data Bill.'[1]

In a debate, he said [1]:

The hon. Gentleman keeps talking about companies. Although he touched briefly on the role of the Government, would he not agree that, while infringement by companies is a serious problem, infringement by Governments-which has happened so often, through the former intercept modernisation programme, the Digital Economy Act 2010 and the huge amounts of data held by the Government-is at least as chilling, not least because so much more money and infrastructure back it up? How would he tackle that issue?

Huppert spoke out in opposition of the Communications Data Bill suggesting in September that:

I don’t want you to get the impression that I think this is a good bill in any way. We wouldn’t allow the Bill to go forward in its current form.[2]

2012-05-09 libdemvoice.org, re Communications Data Bill :

My position is clear on this – we must take a firm stand against excessive snooping by the state on our communications. It goes without saying that we oppose increased access to content of messages. But we should also be very cautious about large changes to the communications data collected and stored as well.

EDM 1913

Julian proposed EDM 1913


Julian is a member of the Digital Economy All Party Parliamentary Group