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PICTFOR (Parliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum) is an all party group in the technology sector in the Houses of Parliament (also known as the All Party Parliamentary Internet and Communication Technology Group). Its purpose is to promote among Members of both Houses of Parliament an informed awareness of the social and economic impact of the internet and information and communication technology developments and policies.

The Digital Economy All Party Parliamentary Group was formed Eric Joyce MP in response to the public pressure from ORG supporters and 38 Degrees members during the Digital Economy Act debate, and the lack of parliamentary scrutiny given to the Act as it was passed. It was merged with PITCOM to create PICTFOR in 2011.

It is one of the organisers of the annual Parliament and Internet Conference.

Political Intelligence (a consultancy) acts as the group’s secretariat.[1]

Structure and members


Co-Chair - Stephen Mosley MP (Con)

Co-Chair - Chinyelu Onwurah MP (Lab)

Vice-Chair - Nigel Adams MP (Con)

Vice-Chair - Dr Julian Huppert MP (LD)

Vice-Chair - Stephen McPartland MP (Con)

Vice-Chair - Andrew Miller MP (Lab)

Treasurer - Lord Harris of Haringey (Lab)

President - John Bercow MP (-)

Qualifying Members

Governing Party:

Nigel Adams MP (Con)
Stephen McPartland MP (Con)
Dr Julian Huppert MP (LD)
Stephen Mosley MP (Con)
Chris Heaton-Harris MP (Con)
Eric Ollerenshaw MP (Con)
Alun Cairns MP (Con)
Michael Crockart MP (LD)
David Amess MP (Con)
Christopher Chope MP (Con)

Main Opposition Party:

Stephen Timms MP
Andrew Miller MP
Lord Harris of Haringey
Chinyelu Onwurah MP
Luciana Berger MP
David Blunkett MP
Helen Goodman MP
Lindsay Roy MP


Earl of Erroll (CB)
Viscount Craigavon Lord (CB)