All Party Parliamentary Intellectual Property Group

All Party Intellectual Property Group Its purpose is to debate and highlight the value of intellectual property rights to the economy and the importance of intellectual property protection and enforcement.

Luther Pendragon (a consultancy) provides secretariat services to the group on behalf of the Alliance Against IP Theft.[1][2]


Role of government report

In March 2012, the Group opened a public inquiry into intellectual property, inviting submissions about the role of government in protecting and promoting intellectual property. However, submissions were only welcomed from organisations, not individuals, and had to be submitted through Luther Pendragon. [3][4] A submission was made by ORG.[5]

The report, The Role of Government in Promoting and Protecting IP, was release in October 2012. The report covered the importance of IP to the UK economy and suggested that a strong government policy on IP is imperative to future growth.

Structure and Members


Chair - John Whittingdale MP (Con)

Vice-Chair - Pete Wishart MP (SNP)

Vice-Chair - Jim Dowd MP (Lab)

Treasurer - Lord Razzall (LD)

Secretary - Mike Weatherley MP (Con)

Qualifying Members

Government Party

John Whittingdale MP (Con)
Alec Shelbrooke MP (Con)
Mike Weatherley MP (Con)
Rebecca Harris MP (Con)
Baroness Buscombe (Con)
Lord Colwyn (Con)
Lord Inglewood (Con)
Lord Clement-Jones (LD)
Lord Razzall (LD)
John Hemming MP (LD)

Main Opposition Party

Chris Bryant MP
Jenny Chapman MP
Jim Dowd MP
Baroness Morris
Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan
Stephen Pound MP
John Robertson MP
Stephen Timms MP


Pete Wishart MP (SNP)
Lord Smith of Finsbury (-)