Baroness Morris

Baroness Estelle Morris of Yardley (Labour). Entered the House of Lords on 21 June 2005. Previously MP for Birmingham, Yardley until 11 April 2005. (From Until October 2006 was Chair of the e-Learning Foundation charity.


Children's Digital Rights

Aware of eCAF House of Lords debate Child Protection 24 October 2007

I should also be grateful for any further explanation on the decision to implement a single national IT system to support the Enablement of the Common Assessment Framework, eCAF, as disclosed by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Kevin Brennan, the day before the Summer Recess. As we heard from the noble Baroness, Lady Walmsley, the eCAF system is not as benign as it may seem and I find it extremely concerning that such a dramatic change in its use was brought about by a Written Statement slipped in just before the Recess. The data fields included in eCAF go far beyond Contact Point, including all the information in that system as well as very sensitive personal profiling.

Lead for the Conservatives on ContactPoint as it went through parliment and tabled the following amendment:

at end to insert "but this House regrets that adequate safeguards are not in place to ensure the protection of the information collected".

e-Learning Foundation

The e-Learning Foundation was launched in 2001 with an aim to significantly increase access to IT in education, and specifically to ensure that every schoolchild in the UK should have access to technology for learning when and where they want to learn.