Lord Clement-Jones

Lord Clement-Jones is a Liberal Democrat Member of the House of Lords.

Digital Economy Act

Added an amendment to the Bill to allow copyright holders to block access to websites that have received copyright-infringement claims.[1] In practice Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 is used for this purpose.

MD1500 sent an email to Lord Clement-Jones on December 15 2009. He received a response on December 17. (See below.)


Many thanks for your email.I agree with almost all you say and my colleagues and I have put down a large number of amendments to the Bill which will be debated in January.


In May 2013:

I know that my noble friend Lord Younger intends to be a strong advocate for the value of intellectual property, but we need clear and concrete signals that the role of intellectual property as the foundation of our creative industries is appreciated by government. A vital step would be the implementation of the Digital Economy Act. If the Government are serious about the health of our creative sector, it seems extraordinary that we are still waiting for the issue of sharing of costs relating to notifications and appeals against the initial obligations code to be resolved by the Treasury three years after the passing of the Act.[2]

Intellectual Property

Director-General for Intellectual Property

Lord Clement-Jones is a supporter of an intellectual property 'tsar' being created for the United Kingdom.

Hargreaves Report

He has stated that “the evidence base for...[the report] has been flimsy at best when justifying certain copyright exceptions. The impact assessments for most of the relevant clauses in this Bill are wholly inadequate as a result.”

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