Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

UK legislation that includes all the provisions for copyright law. It received Royal Assent in November of 1988, replacing the Copyright Act 1956. It was further updated in 2003 to implement the European Copyright Directive.

Amendments to copyright exceptions

In March 2014, the Intellectual Property Office published a list of amendments to the directive, allowing for some exceptions to private copies and legalising the use of parody, caricature and pastiche.[1]

Section 52

"Effect of exploitation of design derived from artistic work."[2]

Proposed to be repealed by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill.

Section 97A

Section 97A was added by a Statutory Instrument (Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003) allowing, amongst other things, for a rights holder to obtain an injunction against an ISP forcing them to block access to a website. This was first used in 2010/2011 against Newzbin, again in 2012 against the Pirate Bay, and against multiple sites from 2013. (See: Website blocking)

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