Review of Communications Data and Interception Powers

A Review of Communications Data and Interception Powers was announced during the emergency Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill. The first stage will be lead by David Anderson QC (Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation) who will produce a report for a future Joint Committee. The review will be completed by 1 May 2015[1].

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To review the legislation governing the use of communications data and interception, with particular regard to the following issues:
Current and future threats, capability requirements and the challenges of current and future technologies;
The safeguards to protect privacy;
The implications for the legal framework of the changing global nature of technology;
The case for amending or replacing the legislation;
The statistical and transparency requirements that should apply; and The effectiveness of current statutory oversight arrangements.
The review will take account of the findings of the Joint Committee on the draft Communications Data Bill, RUSI review, the ISC Privacy and Security Inquiry and administrative and resource impacts.


The report was published on Thursday 11 June 2015.[2]

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  2. Hansard, 2015-06-09 "It is normal for the Government’s reports to be presented to the House first, before anybody else, but I understand that there are major press briefings tomorrow about it, meaning that we will not be the first to hear about it. We will hear about it first on the 'Today' programme,"