National Offensive Cyber Programme

National Offensive Cyber Programme (NOCP), created in 2014[1] is a seven-year[2] joint partnership between the Ministry of Defence and GCHQ.

Mentioned in the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy:

"Through our National Offensive Cyber Programme (NOCP), we have a dedicated capability to act in cyberspace and we will commit the resources to develop and improve this capability."
"We will ensure that we have at our disposal appropriate offensive cyber capabilities that can be deployed at a time and place of our choosing, for both deterrence and operational purposes, in accordance with national and international law.
"To do this, we will: invest in our NOCP – the partnership between the Ministry of Defence and GCHQ that is harnessing the skills and talents of both organisations to deliver the tools, techniques and tradecraft required; develop our ability to use offensive cyber tools; and develop the ability of our Armed Forces to deploy offensive cyber capabilities as an integrated part of operations, thereby enhancing the overall impact we can achieve through military action."
  • Believed to be 500 officers, reported to be planned to increase to 2000, funded to £250 million.[3]


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