Lord Marland

Lord Marland, was Parliamentary Secretary for Business, Innovation and Skills. He resigned on 8 January 2013 to "focus on his role in trade promotion".[1]

While at BIS he had responsibility for Intellectual property, especially taking forward the recommendations of the Hargreaves Review and the operations of the Intellectual Property Office.

He was replaced by Lord Younger.


Lord Marland spoke on 08/01/2012 following the release of the governments consultation on copyright.

The Government are committed to achieving strong, sustainable and balanced growth that is shared across the country and between industries. Following the Hargreaves review of intellectual property and growth, and an extensive consultation process, the Government believe that the copyright framework can be improved to make the UK a better place for consumers and for firms to innovate, in markets which are vital for future growth, without harming the UK's valuable creative industries. The Government have considered the responses to the consultation carefully, alongside the views of the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee and others. They intend to make changes to widen existing or introduce new exceptions for private copying; parody; education; quotation and news reporting; text & data mining; research & private study; preservation; disabilities; public administration and reporting. These measures take account of what the Government have heard from creative industries about the need to minimise potential adverse impacts of any change. The Government intend to make these changes via secondary legislation in autumn 2013. Prior to this, the Government will publish the draft regulations for technical review. The response document will be published on the Business, Innovation and Skills, and Intellectual Property Office websites and a copy will be placed in the House Libraries.[2]



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