Internet Regulation (Material Inciting Gang Violence) Bill

The Internet Regulation (Material Inciting Gang Violence) Bill is a Private Members' Bill sponsored by Heidi Alexander MP. The aim of the bill is to give courts the power to order internet service providers to block certain material which incites gang violence; and for connected purposes. As of November 2012, the Bill failed to complete its passage through Parliament before the end of the session, and thus will make no further progress.

First Reading

The Bill had its first reading on 08/11/2011.[1] Although Alexander did not state any specific methods by which access material that incites gang violence could be halted, she pointed to the Digital Economy Act as a useful template for dealing with these issues. Alexander argued that "the provisions in the Digital Economy Act 2010 might be a useful template for what I propose."

"The Digital Economy Act contains a potentially useful template in respect of the power it grants to courts to order internet service providers to remove web content that infringes copyright. I put it to the House that the removal of material inciting gang violence could and should be dealt with in a similar way."

The ultimate aim of the bill would be to allow "the police, via the courts and internet service providers ... to be given explicit power to get these videos taken down or to get access to them blocked. " [2]


Internet Regulation Bill