Heidi Alexander MP

Heidi Alexander, Labour MP for Lewisham East.


E-mail: Heidi@heidialexander.org.uk Tel: 020 8852 3995 Office: Heidi Alexander MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Communications Bill

Heidi Alexander has expressed interest in specific aspects of the Communications Bill related to gang violence. Her main argument is that courts should have the power to order internet service providers to remove certain material that incites gang violence.


Internet Regulation (Material Inciting Gang Violence) Bill

In 2011 Alexander sponsored the Internet Regulation (Material Inciting Gang Violence) Bill, however the Bill was not progressed beyond the first reading. She said

"I am introducing this Bill because I am appalled by the proliferation of online videos glorifying gangs and serious youth violence. The police, via the courts and internet service providers, need to be given explicit power to get these videos taken down or to get access to them blocked. These videos act as a recruitment mechanism for gangs. I believe they lead to an increased number of young people in our cities who feel the need to carry a knife for protection and they terrify any ordinary human being who watches them."[2]