Board One

Adelphi Charter

Articles: Adelphi Charter

Reverse Engineering for interoperability (or whatever)

Articles: Reverse Engineering

Where's the copyleft?

Articles: Copyleft

Digital Rights Management

Articles: DRM

Broadcast Flag Treaty

Articles: Broadcast Flag

Free the Postcode

Articles: Free The Postcode

Reclaim the term Wealth Creation

Articles: Wealth Creation

if an individual can build a radio then he should be allowed to, and be allowed to share that knowledge

Articles: Building Radio (Example)

Total disclosure security should be protected

Articles: Total Disclosure Security

need to say what we're for and what we're against

Articles: Clear Message

Media Presentation (amateurish activists)

Articles: Presenting ORG Well

Ethical Piracy (pirating work that should have entered the public domain)

Articles: Ethical Piracy

Exploit the European imperative to preserve culture!

Articles: Cultural Preservation Schemes

I do not want Yahoo or the government to own my identity I want a standard I own

Articles: Owning Your Identity

Happy Birthday (c) public goods defence

Articles: Happy Birthday (Example)

Positive Message

Articles: Positive Message

Lobby the Lib Dem MEPs to get them to follow party policy on software patents

Articles: Lib Dem Patent Policy

Access to Knowledge A2K

Articles: Access 2 Knowledge

Open Spectrum

Articles: Open Spectrum

More Packet Relay

Articles: Packet Relay

Open Document Format

Articles: Open Document Format

Software Patents

Articles: Software Patents

Make Dave Green Emperor

Articles: GreenEmperor

On 3D Priniting

Articles: 3D Printing

Quick! Patent the plate before the bad guys do it!

Articles: Creeping Patentability

DNA Genetics etc

Articles: DNA

Medical Record as a model for private data

Articles: Medical Record (Example)

Consumer Charter (what CAN you do?)

Articles: Consumer Charter

Public access to surveillance systems ... although maybe that would be worse?

Articles: Public access to surveillance

put film/music in opposition to education to show copyright arguments

Articles: Copyright vs Education (Examples)

Reprivatising the public domain - stealing from everyone in the country

Articles: Threats to the public domain