Volunteer meeting Wednesday 19 November 08


  • Physical: Michael Holloway, Chris Mear, Mark Pack, David Durant, Glyn Wintle, Sheila Thomson, Mark Levitt, Martin Keegan, James Heaver, Richard Pope, Matt Peperell, Adam McGreggor, Becky Hogge
  • Virtual: Richard King, Tim Cowlishaw


Ongoing works

Data loss widget

Thanks to Sam, Casey, Rowan, Adam and the rest. We should get this live in the next week to catch the attention over the BNP incident.

  • ACTION: Becky to review
  • NB This would make a great facebook app

Website redesign

URGENT ACTION: Sheila to send instructions to ORG Designers.


ACTION: Mark Pack volunteers to support Rachel in analysing recent poor performance. Michael to think about what we actually want from this process.


ACTION: Michael to give Tim Cowlishaw and David Durant logins

Reclaim your DNA and Modern Liberty

ACTION: Tim, Rowan and David offer to help

ORG on social networks

Useful discussion, out of which some actions arose

  • Need to make the 'donate now' links more obvious, although frankly don't expect much to come from this source, which is more about raising awareness of issues.
  • Develop an app based on Sam'd dataloss tool
  • Bebo: produce summaries of the issues most relevant to this audience

Xmas party

There will be no karaoke. There will be Copyfighters and a raffle. There could be some kind of games rig.

Supporter update

Useful discussion, broadly confirming it does its job. Should add would a 'meet the volunteers' section, which briefly introduces an individual and their project.

Volunteer strategy

ACTION: Michael to make better use of trac to log and monitor suggested and ongoing projects. Also, experiment more with appointing project coordinators.

Next meeting

Not discussed but Michael suggests 15 or 22 January


  • See mail from DD?
  • Badgr facebook app? (See TS email)
  • Suw's WP plugins
  • Sending out blogposts by email
    • — A sign-up box is committed to the repo, and will be integrated, although on the 'RSS' link at the bottom of the right-menu, there's an option to "Get The Open Rights Group delivered by email" ( adz 14:01, 20 November 2008 (UTC) )
  • 2009 conferences
    • Line up targets
    • Prepare better materials
    • Workshop (led by Glyn) for running a stall?