I'm adam. More specifically, Adam McGreggor (I'm not the Sheriff).

having written far too many of these in the past, I really can't be arsed writing it all over again. Or even copying and pasting.

One day, I may even get around to putting my intro-blurb somewhere public on the web so I can point people there. But I'm rather good at procrastination.

I sometimes:

  • shove photos up at flickr,
  • scrobble
  • Twit^WTweet.
  • Tell Dopplr I'm going away (you'll have to work that one out/ask)
  • use upcoming

I'm too indolent to properly 'blog. I don't use RSS. I use Mutt for email. And irssi for irc.

With ORG, I'm one of the guys who looks after the mailing lists — trying to keep them spam-free, and so on, tinker with/support/break the office network, do the odd bit of sysadmining, and I try to make the Volunteers' Meetings

TooManyHats is my 'projects' site.