Volunteer meeting Wednesday 14 November

The next ORG volunteers meeting will be held 18.30, on Wednesday 14 November, at ORG HQ (7th floor, 100 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8AL). Please indicate below if you plan to join us. Do also include suggestions if you have a particular project you think ORG should get involved with.

  • Michael Holloway
  • Becky Hogge
  • Tim Cowlishaw
  • Glyn Wintle
  • Adam McG
  • Chris Adams
  • Tom Reynolds (If he doesn't forget)
  • Felix Cohen
  • Tim Duckett
  • Richard King - part time by phone (and IRC if available)
  • lemon
  • Sheila Thomson


Task ticketing database (TTD)


  • Moderating spam on the wiki: Richard King has already volunteered via the TTD. Glyn to coordinate.
    • Split opinion about introducing capcha, both on blog and wiki, although agreed that we need reduce human (Glyn) involvement. Discussion to be followed up on org-tech. Tim D knows of more wp anti-spam plugins if necessary.
  • Analysis of our webstats: Adam to provide Rachel Clarke with login so she can produce a human-readable report.
  • Founding 1000 widget / badge: Chris to produce, based on discussions
  • Archiving the RTM mini-site into our main website: Becky to ask Mike Little about approach here
    • Redirect www.releasethemusic.org to relevant pages
  • Archiving Gowers mini site http://gowers.openrightsgroup.org/: Becky to ask Mike Little about approach here

Creative Business in the Digital Era

  • Referencing core-curriculum research
    • General distate that this is counter-intuitive research practice (i.e. the authors should reference as they write), and also that business folks will not be interested in the reference material.
    • Felix and Glyn agree to take a look, but Michael needs to do referencing / style guide first.
  • Transcribing creativebusiness interviews
    • Mark Levitt and Richard King volunteer to help
    • Can Tom Reynolds take on any of this?
  • Double-checking transcriptions
    • Felix and Glyn available
  • Creative business target acquisition
    • Becky to ask DCMS; Adam to ask UK-NOF
    • Michael to coordinate Glyn's involvement.

ORG day

  • Becky introduces 19 November day of press coverage around report launch.
  • Action: Staff to send mail to org-discuss, requesting that bloggers help our coverage

AOB / pub chat

  • Xmas t-shirts: register as a supporter and get a free T
  • More generally, ORG needs better t-shirt designs
  • How to hype ORG at the BBC party?
    • Visuals? Party bags? Cup cakes?
  • What should we be doing more / less of in 2008? - not discussed