Virgin Media Web Safe

Virgin Media Web Safe, a DNS-based parental control feature based on Nominum, was launched in February 2014.[1][2] Content filtering was switched on by default for all new customers starting in May 2018[3]


Reporting overblocking

The Ofcom report from July 2014[4] states that:

a customer or website owner can send a website re- classification request to Virgin Media via an online web form, which has a freeform text box allowing the customer or website owner to say why they believe the site should be re-classified

However includes no text (as at 2014-07-28) that indicates the form can be used for this purpose.

A thread on Virgin's forum[5] states that requests that problems can be emailed to .

The block pages served to customers read "If you don’t think this page should have been blocked, let us know." but the feedback form is only available to customers.