There are no meetups planned in the near future - if you know of one, please add it.

In the meantime, why not get involved some other way:

  • Contribute to the Wiki, building a database of knowledge to help both our campaigns and the public - see Editing the Wiki for help.
  • Volunteer with the Open Rights Group, helping us campaign on issues you care about.
  • Join; our activities are entirely funded by individuals who care about digital rights. Your donations make our work possible.
  • Sign Up to one of our mailing lists, so we can let you know what we're working on and how you can help out.
  • Edit and help write our internal research projects to improve the free coverage of open rights issues.
  • Help us reply to public consultations so the government takes into account your views
  • We need volunteers to edit the Orgzine, a digital rights magazine.
  • Help us expose websites that have been wrongly blocked by ISP's by using the Blocked.org.uk tool