Rosemary McKenna

Rosemary McKenna former Labour MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East. Treasurer of the All Party Music Group. Rosemary worked as a primary school teacher and then a local councillor before becoming an MP in 1997.

Digital Economy Bill

Contacted by at least one ORG supporter.

"Creative industries account for a greater share of UK GDP than ever before. However the industry is undermined by unlawful file-sharing"
"I support action to tackle illegal file-sharing but I also appreciate that new measures must be proportionate and properly balanced."
"I have no objection, in principle, to ISPs disconnecting those who share files illegally provided that this measure applies only to the most persistent offenders who have received ample warning about the consequences of their actions."

Judging by her previous voting record she will have no qualms about supporting this bill.

Identity cards

Has spoken in favour of ID cards 11 January 2005

May I wholeheartedly agree with my right hon. Friend? [Hon. Members: "Yes!"] None of us can have access to this building unless we are wearing an ID card, and I do not see that there is any problem with that. Most hon. Members take them off when they enter the Chamber, but I do not have a problem with wearing it whenever. Does my right hon. Friend agree that Scotland deserves to live in security, with protection from fraud and petty crime, just as much as the citizens of the rest of the UK, and that ID cards must therefore be introduced UK-wide?

Electronic Voting

Has experienced errors in her own constituency, in relation to paper ballets and because of this may be better able to understand some of the issues. [1]


House of Commons debate Point of Order Sound Recordings (Copyright Term Extension) 5 December 2007

Pete Wishart, supported by Mr. Ian Cawsey MP, Mr. Mark Field MP, Sandra Gidley MP, John Robertson MP, Rosemary McKenna MP, Adam Price MP, Mr. Greg Knight MP, John Hemming MP, Stewart Hosie MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP and Janet Anderson MP, presented a Bill to extend beyond 50 years the copyright term of sound recordings; and for connected purposes: And the same was read the First time; and ordered to be read a Second time on Friday 7 March, and to be printed [Bill 33].