Lord Lawson of Blaby

Lord Lawson of Blaby (Conservative). Was Chancellor of the Exchequer between June 1983 and October 1989.


Computer Misuse Act

House of Lords debates Lord Lawson of Blaby Police and Justice Bill 10 October 2006

I am concerned about how this wording will be interpreted. It is clear that anything—whether it be a fast motor car or what we are talking about in this debate—that can be used for a malign purpose is likely to be used by someone of evil intent for that purpose. The wording of the Government’s amendment is,
"is likely to be used",
which means anything that is capable of being used. That goes much further than this House should be comfortable with. I hope that the Government will therefore give it consideration. With this amendment, they seek to narrow the conditions, but they are not narrowing them at all. Another look at this is warranted.


House of Lords debates Lord Lawson of Blaby Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill 19 June 2000

At a later stage we shall discuss much more important elements of this worrying Bill. On the one hand there are people interested in civil liberties such as the noble Lord, Lord Desai, and, I should have thought, noble Lords on all sides of the Chamber. There is a real civil liberties problem inherent in the Bill. Then there is the business case which is concerned about business costs. There is also an intermediate case. The businesses with which I am associated are concerned not merely with costs but also with commercial confidentiality. That is another important dimension. Therefore there are these two quite separate camps with their own totally valid concerns. But there is a third concern that, as it were, bridges the two.