List of Volunteers

Name Nicknames Homepage ORG Goals
Adam McGreggor adam, amln, adz, adski Moaning, whining techy & political things.
Alex Smith Alex, alexjs sysadmin
Anna Langley Anna Write letters to newspapers and bothering my MP.
David Mytton Olate Wiki editing, techie help including task manager admin
Glyn Wintle Glyn Fill the wiki, evangelise for ORG, java, general techie stuff.
Ian Brunswick Ian Video production, writing/editing, Dublin-based
James Heaver Angus Prune none Graphic Design
Jonathan Hartley JB I'm a software engineer in London. Evangelise. Write. Talk. Listen.
Josef Justich Joe None Graphic design, fill the Wiki, ORG goals
Marcos Marado Mind Booster Noori Promote copyright freedoms, evangelise for ORG, general techie stuff.
Mike Little MikeLittle WordPress twiddling, PHP, Perl, general techie stuff. Skillset at
Patrick Jones azurlune none Wiki editing, writing, lite sysadmin stuff, booth filler
Sheila Thomson Sheilaellen none Librarian - wiki editing
Tom Croucher sh1mmer Promote copyright freedoms
Tom Grek Tom None IP Lawyer
Brett Patterson Brett Automotive/Industrial Designer. Experience in online publishing (editorial, design, usability, community building).
Peter Chamberlin ax1m, Pete Web dev mostly. Open source evangelist.
Benjamin Dyer Ben Company director, e-Commerce expert, web evangelist / technologist
Kamil Karczmarczyk Kamil None IP Student
Alexandre TSNO TSNO None French IP/IT Law Student
Tommaso Carrara gettons Italian Linux sysadmin @ Surrey University
Francis Davey Francis Barrister beginning to practice in IT law. Former computer scientist and sysadmin. IP sceptic. Web freedom advocate.
Joseppie O'Brien Joe Campaigning, Merchandiser, Promotion, EFF Street Artist.
Jordan Garland Laika Campaigning, Promoting, ardent anti-apathist.
Lawrence Jones Lawrence None I'm a librarian: have skills in searching for info, managing info, admin work etc. Also have skills in XML, HTML/CSS, blog/wiki editing.
Manijeh Khan Manijeh Commercial, Media, IT & "soft" IP lawyer.
Wessel van Rensburg Wessel, @wildebees Social media marketing, planner/ strategist, media spokesperson, documentary filmmaker, journalism, law degree.