Fiona Mactaggart MP


Digital Economy Bill

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Mactaggart has spoken in favour of creating a system by which the internet and material seen as harmful to children could be regulated. In a discussion on internet-based media companies on 31/10/2012, she suggested:

A policy should guide companies when they decide whether to take down material, and there should be a right of appeal where appropriate. I would want companies to work with groups such as the Internet Watch Foundation and the UK Council for Child Internet Safety to ensure the promotion of public safety.

At the same time, she condemned the weak self-regulatory system. Along with Claire Perry MP, she has expounded the of an opt-in system, propagating it as the best way to deliver protection.[1]

Social Media

As I read the guidelines, it is unlikely that they will make much difference to two of the ways in which social media have been horrifyingly used for criminal purposes. One is paedophiles using Twitter and the other—perhaps not criminal, but certainly shocking to large numbers of our constituents—is the use of YouTube to mock Islam. What more has the Attorney-General done to prevent that kind of crime, as opposed to prosecuting it?[2]


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