Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit

The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) was set up in 2010 by ACPO (and run by the Metropolitan Police) to remove unlawful terrorist material content from the internet with a focus on UK based material. Content that incites or glorifies terrorist acts can be removed under Section 3 of the Terrorism Act 2006. CTIRU compiles a list of URLs for material hosted outside of the UK which are blocked on networks of the public estate.

From February 2010 to 2013 it had requested removal of "approximately 6500 pieces of online content"[1] "Figures for April 2012 to March 2013 stand at 3,538 pieces of online content removed."[2] By December 2013 had "removed more than 18,000 pieces of illegal material",[3] and by March 2014 "it has removed more than 26,000 pieces of illegal terrorist material online"[4] and "29,000 pieces" by April 2014.[5]

"I underline the fact that any online activity by the three groups under consideration, including Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, has been referred to CTIRU. If it is assessed as illegal—there is a legal test that has to be met—CTIRU will flag it directly to Facebook and Twitter for removal."[6]

The December 2013 report of the Prime Minister's Extremism task force[7] said that it would "work with internet companies to restrict access to terrorist material online which is hosted overseas but illegal under UK law" and "work with the internet industry to help them in their continuing efforts to identify extremist content to include in family- friendly filters" which would likely involve lobbying ISPs to add the CTIRU list to their filters without the need for additional legislation.

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