Caspar Bowden

Caspar Bowden is, according to CPDB "an independent advocate for information self-determination rights, and public understanding of privacy research in computer science."


The CPDB has provided a description of Mr. Bowden's career:

"He is a specialist in data protection policy, EU and US surveillance law, PET research, identity management, and information ethics and philosophy. For nine years he was Chief Privacy Adviser for Microsoft Europe, and four years director of the think-tank the Foundation for Information Policy Research ( He was an expert adviser to the UK Parliament on privacy and surveillance legislation, and co-organized six public conferences on encryption, data retention, and interception policy. He has previous careers in financial engineering and risk management, applied cryptography, software engineering in systems programming and 3D games, including work with Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Consulting Services, Island Games, Acorn, Research Machines, and IBM. He is a fellow of the British Computer Society, a member of the advisory bodies of several civil society associations."

Cloud Privacy Protection Report

Mr. Bowden has written a report for the European Union, warning of the dangers of storing personal information on cloud services due to the possibility that US authorities could intercept all the information. He writes that the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendment Act (FISAAA) allows US authorities to access private cloud data.