Baroness Fookes

Baroness Fookes, Janet Fookes, Conservative. Member of the Communications Select Committee


House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW Tel: 020 7219 5899 Email:


Baroness Fookes was a Conservative MP for Merton and Morden (1970-74) and for Plymouth Drake (1974-97). She served as a Deputy Speaker and Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means (1992-97) and she was sponsored as Private Member's Bill: Sexual Offences Act 1985, Dangerous Dogs Act 1989. She is also a member of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (2001-),a Deputy Chair of Committees 2002-, Deputy Speaker 2002-, Contested Lord Speaker election 2006. Baroness Fookes is the Vice President of RSPCA nationally.


Baroness Fookes studied at Royal Holloway , University of London.


In an evidence session before the Communications Select Committee Baroness Fookes asked 29 November 2011

All of you obviously take great pride in the quality and integrity of your journalism, whether it is investigative, breaking news or both. How do you deal with the new arrangements for online information that means you get a tremendous amount of data coming forward? How do you analyse that, or is that something with which you are not greatly concerned?